Dr. Khawar Siddique Khokhar

Independent Director

Dr. Khawar is one of the board members (authority) of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority which is the regulator for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of telecommunication systems and the provision of telecommunication services in Pakistan. He has his doctorate in Electronics from Durham, United Kingdom, and an MSc in Communications and Electronics Engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology. Dr. Khawar has more than 3 decades of diversified experience in Financial Management, Fintech, Telecom engineering, and public sector strategic planning. During his professional work span, he successfully implemented Asan Mobile Account, BISP’s Ehsas program, Regulating Telecom & IT industry, Consumer Protection Divisions of PTA, Performance monitoring and testing of GSM and CDMA networks, etc. Additionally, he has expertise in developing network and business plans for operators including Vodafone, MTN, Morocco Telecom, Tanzania Telecom, and Etisalat