Gold Loan

Gold Loan


  1. Provision of working capital supporting normal micro-enterprises. This will include the purchase of raw materials, inventory, and other services to boost the production of goods and services within the existing business.
  2. Provision of loans for purchasing various assets. These assets will be used in income-generating activities of the enterprise.
  3. Agricultural activities covering the purchase of agriculture inputs, tunnel farming, tools, implements, assets & and working capital.
  4. Livestock involving, farming, milking, rearing, fattening, trading, working capital, tools &implements, and related asset purchases
  5. Domestic needs / Emergency Loan

Loan Limit: Up to 500,000 Rupees

Tenure: Up to 6 Months

Repeat / Renewal facility

Applicable: Upon satisfactory repayment history, cash flow assessment, and collateral valuation.


Repayment frequency:  Payments with capital reduction option/ Bullet

Particular Description
Loan Limit Up to 500,000 Pkr
Tenure Up to 6 Months
Repayment Mode Payments with capital reduction option / Bullet